Over $1,800,000 raised!

Supporting the Hospital for Sick Children, Paediatric Cancer Research and Therapeutic Clown Program

The Charity

The funds raised from Adam's Drean Fund will directly support two very special programs at the Hospital for Sick Children: Paediatric Oncology(Cancer) Research and the Therapeutic Clown Program.

Paediatric Oncology(Cancer) Research

Sick Kids sees 350 new cases of childhood cancer every year, more than any other hospital in Canada.  The prognosis and quality of life for children with cancer is improving. Today over 70% of all childhood cancer patients will survive as a result of improved treatments.

Your commitment to Haematology/Oncology programs at SickKids enables the best possible care, using the most advanced medical techniques in the most severe and complex cases, and ensures that SickKids remains a place where the most skilled and talented professionals choose to work.  Exploring new directions in the fight against cancer and blood diseases is possible only with the support of our community. 

A Message from The Therapeutic Clown Program at Sick Kids 

We consider ourselves to be very fortunate to be one of two programs that are actively supported by Adam's Dream Fund, indeed, fortunate for these many years!  We would like to congratulate Hilary, Leah and Jessica once again for this outstanding event and for all the care you give to support it.  Thanks to you, The Therapeutic Clown Program at Sick Kids extends this circle of care by providing gentle play and humour to thousands of children each year.

One of our principle roles as therapeutic clowns is that of companion and playmate.  Many of the children at SickKids experience great upheaval in their lives because of their illness.  In hospital, these children are exposed to a large number of people who may be there one day to provide service, but not the next day to do the same.  The therapeutic clown often acts as a stable being who visits again and again, building relationships of care.

All this can best be told through the eyes of our therapeutic clown Rose and her friend Vanessa.  Here is Teegan Jones' story through her clown persona Rose:

"Vanessa told me all about her accident, how she got stuck in the motor, how there was blood all over her and how her dad pulled her out.  Her healing skin wounds were itchy today and she said it means she's getting better but that's bad for me, because it means she'll go home and I won't see her anymore.  She said she wanted to stay in the hospital and play.  I said I was happy she is getting better, but that I was sad that I wouldn't see her anymore.  Vanessa put some stickers on my hand, and with each one she said 'Friends forever and always.'  After our goodbyes, as I was heading out, she called me back from the door with 'Wait!'.  She grabbed onto me, snuggled her face into my neck, kissed my hand, and said, 'Remember, forever and always.'"

To the Prusznowski family and all of you who support this charity, we are forever grateful for the privilege of this work.  It is our joy the role of playful and loving companions!

Best wishes,

Lucia Cino

Manager, The Therapeutic Clown Program at SickKids