Over $1,800,000 raised!

Supporting the Hospital for Sick Children, Paediatric Cancer Research and Therapeutic Clown Program

About Adam

"A hundred years from now it will not matter what your bank account was, the sort of house you lived in, or the kind of car you drove...but the world may be different because you were important in the life of a child." - Forest Witcraft

Words cannot express our appreciation for your generous and continued support.  As a direct result, over the past eighteen years, we have successfully raised over $1,800,000 for the Hospital for Sick Children.  This year, with your ongoing support, we continue to fulfill Adam's dream of assisting other children.

On October 15, 1993, without warning, our lives were changed forever, as Adam became gravely ill.  He was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma - Cancer.  Within a few days, his body was ravaged by this deadly disease.  Adam was no longer the energetic and vibrant child that we knew and loved.  Almost overnight, he had become a frightened, weak and desperately ill seven-year-old little boy.  It was then that we were to learn from Adam how to compact a lifetime into ten short weeks and leave behind a legacy.  When he was his most vulnerable, when the treatment was worse than the disease, he reached out to others and brought them closer to him.  He demonstrated an incredible strength that was compounded by his ability to love.  Through all he endured, Adam's thoughts were with the children that were around him.

From a very young age, Adam demonstrated a generousity to those less fortunate than himself.  He always kept a piggy bank in his room "for the poor people".  His concern for others intensified during his hospital stay, as his greatest wish was to return to the hospital when he was well, "to help the children".

When Adam was unable to verbalize his feelings at the height of his illness, the Therapeutic Clowns came and helped to lift his spirits.  These colourful angels provided respite where family and friends could not.  Through Paediatric Cancer Research, we hope to eventually spare families the pain and loss of their precious children.

With your continued support, we know we can achieve Adam's Dream.